Friday, May 15, 2009


In March I obviously thought enough to change my background, but not so much on the blogging..... AND, I am feeling a little stupid, because I can't seem to delete the correct html to change to a new one....oh day soon, besides who doesn't want to remember St. Patty's day in May??

Well, March started off with my baby turning THREE!! A very bittersweet day. We did our tri-annual trip to Build A Bear, which is always a treat (insert gagging sound, no wait, press tummy for gagging sound!) We added a new, smaller version of last years, bunny to the BAB collection and Mollie's choice for birthday dinner was Chick-Fil-A, lucky us. Roy and I both tried to persuade her to go somewhere else, but to no avail. Because I was a failure in the "talk your three year old into another party theme" discussion, we enjoyed another year of Dora the Explorer.

As you can see Dora had an unexpected fall into the wonderful purple icing. I can't say that I was much for the look, or taste, of the cake, but WalMart saved me this year by providing a cake within two hours of my request. I can't remember why I procrastinated for so long.......perhaps I was hoping for a change of theme.

Exactly a week after Mollie turned 3 we had her sedated so her teeth could be cleaned and fixed. No need to go into great detail but here are a few pics of her playing around in her gown while we waited (an hour and a half) for her to go back for the procedure. Thank goodness for the 1000 stickers, coloring book, and quality cartoons that entertained us while we waited.


Heather said...

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Kim Tate said...

Cute kids! give me good vibes, all smiling..

- Kim of S.I. Unik